McCain To Win

As a rule I’ve tried to keep this blog focused on Maryland and Maryland issues. But the 800-lb gorilla in the corner is the upcoming primary and the 2008 general election. Martin O’Malley can only tax us so often, and the Republican caucus jointly and severally sell out only so frequently, before it stops being newsworthy. And, sadly, it stops being a source of outrage.

I’ve never been a John McCain fan but I intend to vote for him and work for him in 2008.

Rarely does a party or movement get everything it wants in a candidate. We are not going to get it this time. Neither, for that matter, will the Dems.

Rather than bore you with my thoughts I’d like to point you to two of the best pieces of writing you will find on the internet. The first, and by far and away the most stylish bit of writing you will encounter today, is by my friend and Red State colleague Ben Domenech titled The Last Action Hero. The second is by my Red State colleague Dan McLaughlin, and from which I pinched the title of this post, called McCain to Win.

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Lest you think we’re all in the bag for McCain, take a quick tour of the front page and you’ll find at least the diversity of opinion that Brian Griffiths catalogued on this site.

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