Mayoral Task Forces states the obvious

A Baltimore Mayoral Task Force has come to an obvious conclusion; table gaming, not slots, is where the money is:

A mayoral task force report says one of the best long-term ways to reduce Baltimore’s highest-in-the-state property tax rate would be to use revenue from legalized gambling – not just the slot machines currently under debate but full-scale casinos.

State leaders have spent a decade debating slot machine gambling, only to decide to let citizens settle the issue in November’s election. Table games have long been considered a political non-starter in Maryland.

One of the best things for the City of Baltimore could be the proposed 17-cent across the board Property Tax cut for all residents of Baltimore.

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As somebody who has long been a proponent of table gaming instead of just legalizing slots, I think that this is a step in the positive direction. However, the likelihood of such table gaming happening in Baltimore (or any other locale in Maryland) anytime soon is pretty dim. This is something that is rather unfortunate, when you consider that table gaming can produce jobs, tourism, and revenue to the city of Baltimore and a state of Maryland in a way that does not pillage the pocketbooks of Maryland taxpayers. It’s just unfortunate that nobody in Annapolis wants to look at such a common sense alternative…


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