Maryland Schools 3rd Best in Nation

The Editorial Projects in Education Research Center has named Maryland’s education system the third best in the entire nation, only being surpassed by New York and Massachusetts. The state earned a grade of a B.

This news prompted Governor O’Malley, State Senate President Mike Miller, and House Speaker Busch to reiterate that State Schools Superintendent Nancy Grasmick be fired immediately because she’s in the pocket of the Republican Party.

All have stated that they will support legislation to remove the independence of the independent school board, thus allowing it to make better independent decisions that are dependent on the decisions of the Maryland General Assembly. Uh…what?

O’Malley, in an effort to not allow Grasmick to get any credit for this achievement, immediately reminded the media of the stellar results of the Baltimore City Public School system during his tenure as mayor and that his efforts have now been brought to fruition at a state level. His accomplishments as mayor included higher graduation rates among high school seniors who actually completed half a year of school and safer elementary schools once metal detectors and police were introduced.

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O’Malley cited results from his CityStat program, in addition to his new StateStat program to support his statements. Republicans, however, responded by showing data from CrapStat which rebukes anything O’Malley says.

O’Malley’s gripe with Grasmick is not new. Their relationship has been sour since her efforts to have the state take over failing schools in Baltimore City while he was mayor. O’Malley denied that these schools were failing, just underfunded and mired by greedy corporate interests and uncooperative Republicans. Before the state was to take over the schools, rumors began circulating that O’Malley was making a DVD in the vein of Stop Snitchin’, this one to be called “Stay Off Ma’ Turf”. This caused Grasmick to back down from her efforts, but their hostility continues.

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