Maryland GOP Should Not Sell O’Malley Short

As we have read recently in Red Maryland, the Washington Times, and again today in the Baltimore Sun, Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley’s poll numbers have fallen through the floor with his disapproval rating over 50%. Is this cause for jubilation for Republicans in the Free State? The answer is no.

Sure, we can receive some visceral pleasure out of seeing O’Malley beat up by the media, but does that solve any of Maryland’s problems? Voters have infamously short memories. All you need to do is to think back to Bill Clinton’s first term. In 1994, no one was more unpopular than Bill Clinton. His party lost control of Congress for the first time in 50 years. Yet, Clinton skated to victory (and re-election) in 1996.

With Maryland’s system of holding statewide and legislative elections only once every four years, O’Malley cannot be dismissed this early in the game. His strategy is fairly apparent; tax hikes now so that he can claim victory in 2010.

One big factor that O’Malley opponents do have in their favor is the continuing growth of online media (including social media such as Facebook, MySpace and YouTube). If conservative Marylanders can keep the drums beating perhaps voters will not forget come 2010. We certainly can’t expect the Baltimore Sun to remind voters of O’Malley’s transgressions in an election year.

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