If it’s snowing, it must be “Global Warming” protest time…

As I type this snow is coming down in Anne Arundel County, schools are canceling their evening activities, and the enviro-Mentals are protesting Global Warming in Annapolis. I believe this isn’t the first time that the timing of their protests has been less than impeccable. Of course, if we are to adopt their new “Climate Change” terminology, then the hypocracy and idiocy of their views is a bit less noticible… but just a bit.

Is the climate changing? Yes, it is called both “Seasons” and the normal ebb & flo of this thing called the “weather”.

Is man responsible, and could he make a difference one way or the other by changing his evil ways? I hardly think so.

It is the epitomy of arrogance to think that puny humans could do much good, or bad, to effect the weather…short of global nuclear annihilation- then it really wouldn’t matter too much, would it?

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Crossposted on Maryland Chesapeake Blog by Chester Peake

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