…”hugely” cutting state spending before seeking tax increases

Let me reiterate the title of this post again “‘hugely’ cutting state spending before seeking tax increases.”

I know you are thinking: O’Malley did not do that he simultaneously raised taxes and increased spending.

You would be right. Virginia Governor Mark Warner made huge cuts to state spending before seeking tax increases in 2004. Warner actively lobbied and cultivated Republican support for his proposals. He even put the kibosh on Republican plans for even higher taxes than he had proposed. Good for him. Those Republicans were probably “compassionate conservatives” Mike Huckabee types, who needed to be taken down a peg anyway.

O’Malley consulted with Warner before embarking on the special session. Apparently, he must have had a temporary hearing loss when Warner explained his methodology. O’Malley made no huge cuts in spending, in fact he increased spending and froze Republicans out of the process, calling them an “aberrant strain.”

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To be honest O’Malley did not totally cut Republicans out of the process. He did court five of them when he needed votes to get his slots bills passed. I’m still wondering if it was O’Malley’s wonderful singing voice that swayed Delegate James King. Perhaps a quid pro quo? King’s vote for an O’Malley’s March gig at the Eastport Clipper… er umm I mean Rockfish Restaurant.

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