How they plan to “sieze” the election?

From the Sun’s wonderful wordsmith, David Nitkin, regarding MOM’s efforts for Hillary in New Hampshire…

O’Malley will canvass neighborhoods on Saturday and Sunday, and will address undecided young professional voters at a roundtable, said his spokesman, Rick Abbruzzese.

I can see the commercial now. Instead of Gov. Ehrlich traveling to other states asking people to “sieze the day off” and vacation (and spend money in) Maryland, MOM (who chases people out of Maryland) travels to other states and tells them “Hi, I’m Martin O’Malley, Wonder-Boy Governor of Maryland. Instead of caulking that bathtub, or painting that room, you should go to the primary and help sieze the election for Hillary”. I’d bet he wouldn’t actually do the chores for people, maybe Rick could do them.

Crossposted on Maryland Chesapeake Blog by Chester Peake.

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