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GOP Lawsuit Dismissed – The Rules Simply Don’t Apply to Maryland Democrats

Carroll County Circuit Court Judge Thomas F. Stansfield has dismissed the GOP lawsuit requesting that the O’Malley tax hike be voided because of illegal action by Maryland Senate President Mike Miller and his colleagues. Agreeing that the Legislature’s conduct was reprehensible, Judge Stansfield felt that the remedy sought by the plaintiffs “was too drastic a notion to accept.”

Unfortunately, this is a pattern of behavior which will continue to plague Maryland (and our nation). Politicians act illegally. They are “bad”, but are not punished for their behavior. Consequently they will claim victory and continue with the same behavior.

Senate President Mike Miller simply dismissed the judge’s criticism for a blatant violation of the state constitution. House Speaker Michael Busch resorted to playing the victim card by claiming that this was “the lowest point since I’ve been in office”.

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