Flood of BS

The Alliance for Global Warming Solutions is holding a rally in Annapolis on January 17 to urge the General Assembly to increase our electric, heating, air conditioning, auto insurance, and gasoline costs, in the name of non existent “crisis.”

See the pic above that they use to infer that global warming causes more severe hurricanes. It is the Alex Haley memorial at the Annapolis Waterfront, in the aftermath of Hurricane Isabel.

Despite this cheap propaganda trick, there is no scientific agreement at all on a link between global warming and hurricane activity.

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The alarmists flogged this myth in the wake of Katrina.

The funny thing is, that environmentalists themselves a partly to blame for the damage done to New Orleans by Katrina. They won’t accept blame for that, nor will the alarmists here in Maryland accept blame for the damage done to the economy and our lives should the General Assembly pass their draconian policy prescriptions.

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