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E J Pipken Admits to Paying for Access to Politicians

Maryland Senator and Congressional candidate E. J. Pipken has admitted to pay for play. The Baltimore Sun reports that Pipken admits contributing $2,000 to the gubernatorial campaign of former Lt. Gov. Kathleen Kennedy Townsend in order to gain access to “decision makers” regarding Pipken’s fight again dumping dredge spoil near the Bay Bridge.

Pipken notes that this occurred prior to his election to the Maryland Senate. The Sun’s article doesn’t provide the date of the donation, so we can’t be sure whether or not Pipken was a candidate at the time.

If I had ever considered voting for Pipken, I would change immediately. If, by some miracle, Pipken managed to accomplish more than cost Maryland Sen. Andy Harris the GOP nomination and win the GOP primary I would simply refuse to pull the lever in the Congressional race. Why? I don’t want someone representing my district that was stupid enough to admit that he paid to play.

We all know that this type of behavior goes on. However, admissions by people like Pipken only fan the fires for more ridiculous “reform” schemes. The real answer is to adopt a campaign finance system that permits unlimited contributions, only from individuals, and to require quick reporting into a publicly accessible database similar to the one maintained by VPAP.

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