Don’t Waste Your Time…Clinton’s Got It

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OK, allow me to finally opine about the 2008 Presidential Election with less than a month to go until I walk across the street to my polling place. The joys of living near a middle school. I know I will probably be ripped a new one after this opinion, but I don’t care, it is what it is.

Let’s start by facing the stone cold facts. In last week’s spoon feeding of The Baltimore Sun poll, we learned that the Democratic primary shows Sen. Barack Obama (IL) leading Sen. Hillary Clinton (NY) 39 percent to 26 percent. We will not even talk about former Sen. John Edwards at this point as I think he a non factor at this point in the race, but for the record he received 12 percent in the poll.

Obama polled very well going into New Hampshire, but he lost by two percent to Clinton. Around this time last week, Obama had the edge in a dead heat over Clinton in Nevada, but as the votes were counted yesterday, the Junior Senator from New York won with 51 percent of the vote followed by the Junior Senator from Illinois with 45 percent. By the way, Edwards capturing only four percent of the vote, convinced me he was a non-factor in the Democratic race.

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The good news about the Obama candidacy and the fact that he is doing so well against Clinton in my view, shows that one does not have to be a black leader by isolating non-blacks and or become a poverty pimp. William Jelani Cobb, an associate history professor at Spelman College in Atlanta, expressed this better than anyone I could imagine in last week’s Washington Post, stating that “Obama is indebted, but not beholden, to the civil rights gerontocracy. A successful Obama candidacy would simultaneously represent a huge leap forward for black America and the death knell for the reign of the civil rights-era leadership — or at least the illusion of their influence.”

I like how Jesse Jackson this past Thursday in The Post stated ” I have supported Obama’s campaign since early on.” Well Reverend, with all due respect, I have not seen you or your compatriot’s come out publicly or enthusiastically for Obama. No strong support from Rev. Al Sharpton and especially former Atlanta Mayor Andrew Young, who suggested that Obama should run in 2016, among other things.

And please do not let me start on Robert Johnson, a man who has made a career out of ripping black people and programming 18 hours of music videos that glorified the activity to which he was alluding to last week. Let me be the first Black person in the country (if not in Maryland) to publicly say that I think that apology was bull crap. The least that he could have done was show the same zeal in getting in front of the cameras and apologize for his thoughtless comments which he at one point said alluded to the community service work Obama was doing at the time.

Now the bad news. I am sorry, but I do not think that this all-loving, all-diverse, “We Are The World” Democratic party will pick a Black man as their president anytime soon…because he is Black. They may say they will support Obama, they might lie to the exit pollsters about voting for Obama, but they are not called guilty White liberals for no reason. They are guilty of saying one thing, doing something different and casting stones to the other side when they do something similar.

I thoroughly enjoyed this past summer when The Certain Liberal Blogger was lambasting me and my political party of preference (Republican) about race relations. Both sides cannot hold a candle when it comes to “Ebony and Ivory,” but it’s hilarious that he thought that the Democrats were better in this category. Mayor Dayhoff, if you are reading this, I did use a Stevie Wonder/Paul McCartney reference.

We will certainly see who’s good at what when all the chips, or should I say delegates, are counted. I guarantee that if Clinton ultimately gets the nomination (I believe she will at this point) the Democrats will say that Clinton was the better candidate. If we changed those letters from ‘D’ to ‘R’ at the end of their names, I would not be surprised if the ‘D’s’ would say that the ‘R’s’ did not pick Obama because he was Black.

I have to ask did we all of a sudden forget about The Bradley Effect? I know it first came into being when I was one year old, but the fact that when exit polling took place in 1982 in the California gubernatorial race, Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley looked like he was going to win, but he didn’t. Across the river from us in Virginia, Doug Wilder looked like he was going to win big, but he didn’t, however he did win in a part of the country that everyone thought would not elect a Black governor, no one, including myself, can take that away from him.
Now, I will not be surprised if Obama gets the nomination. He is a refreshing change in pace, he’s a great speaker and he is keeping his distance from what William Jelani Cobb called “the black boy network” which I have referred to time and time again in this forum and my website as “the secret order of the society of black people.”

I like this guy, except for the fact that he does not put his hand over his heart during the Pledge of Allegiance. I understand his answer, but that is not good enough for me. He is a Senator in the United States of America, it should be a non factor in whether or not one should place hand over heart, you do it. I bet some of you thought I would talk about the Muslim and middle name stuff. First of all, Obama is a Christian now. That means his Muslim experiences are moot. I also don’t think his parents had planned on giving him a middle name that is now in current day synonymous with what eventually turned out to be a Hitler copy cat.

But when it comes to the Democratic party in it’s current state, I don’t think they are as loving as they say they are.

P. Kenneth Burns is the editor and writer of Maryland Politics today and is a contributor to Red Maryland. He lives in Laurel, Prince George’s County. His email is

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