Daily Times Supports Drivers’ Licenses for Illegals

The Daily Times doesn’t want you to wait in line for your drivers’ license. Isn’t that sweet. The bottom line is that the Real ID act is a minor inconvenience and worth the price of helping to protect the sovereignty of our nation.

Do we want illegal aliens voting in Maryland elections? Without Real ID, that is exactly what we are getting. Go to your county Elections Board. If you present a valid Maryland license or ID, that is all you need. Yet, illegals are permitted those under the current law. The requirements to vote are clear, yet no proof of citizenship is necessary.

The Daily Times argues that being forced to obtain a copy of your birth certificate (at a cost of $15) in order to obtain a drivers’ license is simply too onerous. Of course, a tax increase on Salisbury residents (as the “Tilghman Times” refused to critically examine) that amounts to hundreds of dollars is perfectly OK.

I am honestly perplexed at the arguments made by our local newspaper. While it is no secret that I am no fan of their editorial policy, I never would have accused them of supporting illegal immigration or of being anti-American, until today. The paper will of course argue that this was not their argument. Perhaps … but it is surely the result.

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