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Corner Kicked

Looks like Prince George’s County leaders are more realistic about the D.C. United stadium situation than the administration:

Some state and local leaders in Prince George’s County are expressing misgivings about a plan to move the professional soccer team D.C. United from the District’s RFK Stadium to a location in the county.

A new stadium could exacerbate some of the challenges the county faces in spite of its potential economic benefits and entertainment value, said Del. Barbara A. Frush (D-Dist. 21) of Beltsville….

…Greenbelt Mayor Pro Tem Rodney Roberts, upon hearing Greenbelt was considered as a possible site, said he did not take the news seriously and offered little support for a soccer stadium near the Greenbelt Metro station.

”Personally, I don’t think there’s enough room there for a stadium,” Roberts said. ”I think that’s crazy. If you’re talking about having revenue, there’s a lot better things to put there besides a stadium.”

State Sen. James C. Rosapepe said he does not hear many people demanding a soccer stadium in the county.

”It would depend on who pays for it, traffic congestion,” said Rosapepe (D-Dist. 21) of College Park, an admitted soccer fan. ”… If a private company wants to build a soccer stadium in a place that won’t create worse traffic, then there could be a chance for it.”

As I noted earlier this week, common sense dictates that the construction of such a publicly-financed stadium in Prince George’s County is fool-hearty, given the current economic climate. And when you consider all of the challenges that Prince George’s County itself faces, one wonders why anybody would support publicly financing such a venue.


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