Can We Be United Please?

I know this is an smack to my own, but I smack the other side too.

from Maryland Politics Today

I have a special opinion about the primary contest for the United States President, this comes in light of recent events. This message or shouty goes to the Conservative wing of my party, the Republican Party, especially the ones further to the right than I am.

I guess this can go back to the day when conservatives mourned the dropping out of Fred Thompson from the race. I never saw so many sad faces on conservatives, since former President Bill Clinton got a pass on his impeachment trial…I considered myself a Democrat back then. But the backlash that soon followed from conservatives who either would support Mitt Romney who is a great flip-flopper than John Kerry or just skip the process altogether.

Conservatives, I implore…I ask of you…to please….STOP YOUR FRIGGIN’ BITCHING!

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Here is the problem as your Friendly Uncle PKB sees it. I can say Uncle PKB because I have been one since January 5. On the Democratic side, you have Barack Obama who can bring people together, but two things are going to hold him back. Number one, Guilty White Liberals. I will refer you to my comment from earlier this month on why I think Obama will lose, although this go round, he not only established some great name recognition, but he also made the Black Boy Network look bad. Number two, Experience. Obama, for me and a lot of people (across the spectrum for the record), does not have enough experience. While I don’t think he should wait until 2016 as former Atlanta Mayor Andrew Young suggested, I would have liked to see him wait until he completed his first term as Senator before jumping in. I would at least give Hillary Clinton credit for at least winning another term in the Senate.

Speaking of which, Clinton will divide this country further apart. I know that the Republicans on Capitol Hill would stifle her at the drop of a hat. Don’t expect this great Democratic tidal wave come November. I am of the belief that things in the legislative branch, particularly the Senate, will stay the same. But I have a great problem with people who develop a completely different dialect at the drop of a hat to pander to people. If you are a Democrat and believes that Clinton can bring the country together across party lines, I’m not going to sugar coat it, you are crazy.

Now to my party. Let me start with Fred Thompson who was disorganized right out of the gate. If the man cannot organize a campaign, he cannot organize the government, especially if he plans on limiting the role of government in peoples lives. Plus, Thompson did not look all that healthy to me. Imagine what he would look like after four years on the job.

Speaking of campaigning clusterbucks, Rudy Giuliani. He should not win because he is an arrogant, dishonest creep. No pun intended on the creep. We are talking about someone who wanted to move his estrange wife out of the official residence during his term as Mayor of New York Ctiy, with the kids, and move his creeper in. He doesn’t have any moral integrity what so ever.

This came abundantly clear where two unarmed black men were shot by the NYPD. He defended the actions of the NYPD both times without any reservations. The second incident involving Patrick Dorismond prompted Giuliani to release a SEALED juvenile record. I don’t care if the guy is dead, if the record is sealed, it should not see the light of day, let alone a press conference. I should also note that people complain about how President Bush talks, have they heard Giuliani?

Then you have Duncan Hunter and Tom Tancredo, the two men who want to fence off America. Sorry guys, it’s a lot easier to enforce the law than to build a 700-mile waste of taxpayer money. Trust me, I know, ask Arizona.

Your best choice for President is either Mike Huckabee or John McCain. Remember, I don’t endorse people on this forum. Huckabee because he is not trying to fence off the borders. McCain because he doesn’t always tow the company line.

Let me remind you what people should be looking for in a United States President…A LEADER. Someone who will make the decision based on what is good for the country, not what’s good for prideful arguments.

For the past eight years, except for the time after 9-11, there has been nothing but petty partisan squabbling which came to a head in the 2006 election. This is evident by Maryland paying the price through higher taxes. Under normal circumstances, a Governor with that high of job approval rating would not get voted out of office. Once the Democrats got control of the Congress, the attempts at making more political points became worse.

Now I know what you are thinking, “Kenny, that’s politics.” Well, this goes beyond politics. We are in a war, where our soldiers are half a world a way and House Democrats are playing with their paychecks and ultimately, their families here at home. The Republicans are not fighting for what is best for the country, they are fight a battle of trying to keep the conservative movement alive. The contenders are more worried about their philosophy winning out.

Believe me when I say that the conservative movement is not dead, nor it is dying. People in the patry like me do not want the Republicans to take a hard turn. Look at how wonderful making a hard turn is working out for the Democrats. Republicans need to get back to the simple core values of the party and two other things. Stop trying to build a fence and stop making Ronald Reagan into an idol.

America will benefit more from a united Republican Party, than a united conservative front. Anyone who says they would rather not vote in any election, has slapped this country in the face. People have died for our right to vote in a free nation, and people are still dying. The least you can do is to go vote on February 12.

P. Kenneth Burns is the editor/writer of Maryland Politics Today and is a contributor to Red Maryland. He lives in Laurel, Prince George’s County. His email is

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