Broken Record

I said before that the MTA’s plan to reduce violence would not be effective, and it’s certainly turning out to be that way:

Maryland Transit Administration Police and city police were seeking at least two young males who assaulted a 19-year-old man aboard a No. 8 bus Saturday night as it headed south on York Road from Towson toward the city, an MTA spokeswoman said.

About 11 p.m., several youths left the movies at Towson Commons on York Road, boarded the bus and became rowdy, said Jawauna Greene, the spokeswoman. She said that as their behavior became more disturbing, at least two of them assaulted the passenger for no apparent reason.

When is the O’Malley Administration, with their newfangled “law and order” focus, going to get serious about protecting those people who have to use mass transit on a regular basis? Because at the moment, I’m not sure anybody in the Administration gives a damn about the safety of these folks.

Right now, anybody who rides public transportation is extremely vulnerable. I just wonder if the O’Malley Administration is actually going to try and do something about it.


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