Breaking news from 2004….

Gee, somebody should do something about this:

Although the state has plenty of doctors, it doesn’t have enough who actually see patients – a situation that creates “a silent and growing crisis,” the head of the state medical society said yesterday.

The shortages are greatest in rural areas “but are likely to affect most of us by the year 2015,” said Dr. Martin P. Wasserman, executive director of MedChi, the professional society for the state’s doctors.

MedChi and the Maryland Hospital Association released a study yesterday showing that the state has 179 doctors delivering care for every 100,000 residents. That is 16 percent below the national average of 212.

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Lord, you think that the state might need to do something in order to improve the climate for doctor’s in this state. It’s almost like they need a Special Session of the General Assembly…

Oh, yeah. We had one of those. Democrats responded by ignoring the need for Medical Malpractice reform and instead (what else) raised taxes.

Given the Democrats opposition to medical malpractice reform, and given the Democrats propensity to raise taxes, it looks like Marylanders are going to have to leave the state to get health care in the next 15 years. Doctors look like they are beginning to realize that there is no positive climate for them in this state without significant (albeit not forthcoming) legislative action…


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