Baltimore Delegate Leaves Session for Florida Getaway

You can’t make this stuff up. The Maryland State Legislature works a scant 90 days a year. Really, it’s less than that when you consider they typically don’t convene on weekends. In turn, some days consist of 15 minute get-togethers. For this measly amount of work, delegates and senators earn anywhere from $43,500 to $56,500 a year. Do the math. That’s a lot of dough for the little time they are required to show up. Now, some will argue that an elected official has obligations throughout the course of the year. Still, these gatherings are totally optional for these guys. Heck, even attending a session isn’t a requirement for this gig.

Clearly Baltimore politician Sandy Rosenberg isn’t going to allow an inconvenience like a scheduled session get in the way of his annual trek to Florida. While many legislators will be debating bills and answering constituent questions, Del. Rosenberg will participate in the Orioles fantasy camp down in Ft Myers, Florida. Apparently this marks the 14th time Del. Rosenberg has pulled such a stunt.

If the sheer audacity of doing this weren’t disturbing enough, the arrogance of Del. Rosenberg’s explanation for his decision should be met with absolute outrage outrage. Here’s a direct quote from today’s examiner:

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“It’s early enough that the press of legislation is not as high,” Rosenberg told The Examiner. “We haven’t voted yet in committee. And I found that it hasn’t affected my ability to get [bills] through the legislature.” The issue “was raised in my last campaign, and I’m here,” he added.

District 41 residents have a duty to retire this guy. No, I don’t live in that district but as a taxpayer I am entitled to feel this way. Obviously, this cockiness must not bother his constituents. Although an opponent raised this disturbing fact prior to the 2006 election, voters still sent Del. Rosenberg back. Why doesn’t the electorate send a loud and clear message to these clowns? Instead, the likes of Sandy Rosenberg and Don Dwyer get re-elected despite thumbing their nose at the people who entrusted them.


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