Back Away From The Superintendent Now

from Maryland Politics Today:

This message is for Governor Martin O’Malley (D)…back away from the Schools Superintendent, now. Do an about face and leave her be, especially if you had read The Baltimore Sun this morning.

Let’s be honest, O’Malley’s approval rating according to the poll conducted by The Washington Times, Rasmussen and WTTG (Channel 5) was 33 percent. The Sun’s poll had his approval rating at 35 percent. He is not to far from being the worse Governor Maryland has seen since Parris Glendening.

With all of his political capital used up, he is attempting to operate in the red by trying to push out the State Superintendent of Schools on the simple basis of I can’t trust her. The way O’Malley has been outspoken about it, it sounds more like I don’t like her AND I don’t trust her. I never heard him utter the former, but I would not be surprised if that is the case.

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Grasmick was vindicated by the industry giving Maryland top marks over it’s schools. O’Malley’s poll number, in my opinion, speaks for themselves. If I were him, I would back away from any plans to oust Grasmick. I would not be surprised if the numbers drop to beyond “Glendening Territory” if he does carry said plans out.

He was no way near “Ehrlich territory.” Governor Robert Ehrlich’s (R) job approval rating never dipped below 50 percent during his time in office. People for the most part felt the state was moving anywhere (that’s probably thanks to a bitter Democratic majority in the General Assembly.)

The cockiness of O’Malley will continue. Based on press conferences when he’s commenting on the outcome of the special session, he does not seem bothered by it. I dare say he almost seems dismissive when he says that people will see what the remedy will bring. He was truly dismissive when he was doing the dining room tour in Central Maryland, because he was dismissive of the apartment communities, where most of those same working people he was trying to “help” reside. He probably did not have a good defense of why he proposed expanding the sales tax to real estate management services, in addition to raising the sales tax.

One poll from the conservative media and one from the liberal media says that O’Malley is not doing a good job. If this does not humble him, I do not know what will.

P. Kenneth Burns is editor/writer of Maryland Politics Today and is a contributor to Red Maryland. He lives in Laurel, Prince George’s County. His email is

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