Asleep at the Switch

Sure Maryland is having a fiscal crisis caused by Martin O’Malley’s ineptitude. But hey, it’s not stopping him from avoiding the problem and spending even more time out of state:

Democratic Sen. Barbara A. Mikulski announced yesterday that she and Gov. Martin O’Malley will spend Saturday in New Hampshire campaigning for Hillary Rodham Clinton. Mikulski is one of Clinton’s national campaign co-chairmen. O’Malley is an early endorser of Clinton who has previously traveled to New Hampshire on her behalf.

Mikulski will participate in events targeting “undecided women” voters, said Melissa Schwartz, the senator’s spokeswoman, and will also greet a busload of Capitol Hill staffers and union representatives from Maryland. Mikulski and O’Malley will appear together at a labor rally in Manchester.

O’Malley will canvass neighborhoods on Saturday and Sunday, and will address undecided young professional voters at a roundtable, said his spokesman, Rick Abbruzzese .

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Let’s be honest though: does Hillary Clinton, coming off an embarrassment in Iowa, really want a serial tax-hiker campaigning on her behalf right before a crucial New Hampshire primary?

I’m just glad, ever so glad, that Maryland elected a Governor who loves to take the easy way out when it comes to dealing with Maryland’s problems. Though I think that New Hampshire residents will be confused when he blames Hillary’s Iowa loss on Bob Ehrlich…


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