Ask, and Ye Shall Receive…

Elsewhere on Red Maryland, the following was written…

“Say what you will about the negative tone of Harris’s campaign”

Actually, since you asked…

Andy the Person may be a great guy, I’ve never had a problem with him. His pro-life stand is well-known.

However, Andy’s Campaign has been so full of negatives it has been depressing. I hope Cris Meekins isn’t giving him bad advice, though I would rather it be bad advice from others than bad ideas from the candidate himself. Of course that reflects still on the candidate, if he is accepting bad advice.

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Only today did I receive a mailing from him that was basically positive. Too much of the CD1 race has been negatives, a pi$$ing contest between EJ and Andy about who is more conservative, and who can best defeat Wayne (who has had his campaign stoop a bit low as well, despite the incumbent being otherwise a gentleman).

This really turns off people, and not just non-involved voters. Even partisans are weary of it.

Some of the national candidates still need to learn this, as Obama’s positive rhetoric, like MOM’s and even Reagan’s, may have brought hope to his campaign in Iowa. Hillarys crocodile tears, that still got in a dig at Barak, even made the stone woman seem almost human, maybe that’s why she won in NH? The Republicans need to remember people get excited about voting “for” someone more than voting against another. Of course, it helps if the rhetoric is based on truth and not mythical unicorns filled with vague warm fuzzies. Even the warm fuzzies can win elections, though.

I have not made a decision on who to vote for in the Congressional or Presidential race, and if a political junkie like me can get weary of the bull-droppings and wonder if I should stay home, how do you motivate the masses to action?

Andy, E.J., Wayne, Fred, Rudy, Mitt, McCain, The Huck, better get off their collective a$$es and learn this ASAP, by yesterday would be nice, or get ready for seeing Congressman Kratovil attending the inauguration of President HillBama!

P.S. Don’t you find it ironic that Andy, whose campaign has been very negative, won a straw poll at an event with a Reagan?? 11th Commandment, indeed!

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