Another Foolish Idea from an Anti-Gun Liberal

Headlined in yesterday’s edition of the Examiner is a goofy proposal from Annapolis Mayor Ellen Moyer. Specifically, Moyer suggested that gun manufacturers should be required to produce micro-stamp imprints of a gun’s serial number on its shell casings. Does the mayor seriously believe that’ll prevent even a single murder? If she does, she’s gone further around the bend than originally feared.

Face it, career criminals are not walking into a gun shops and purchasing their weapons from a federally certified firearms dealer. Instead, they deal in stolen weapons obtained on the streets. For some odd reason, this fact always seems to escape the gun grabbers. Hence, even if a round produced an identifying mark, it’ll likely be traced to some poor sole who wasn’t anywhere near the scene of the alleged crime. Better yet, the weapon may even be traced back to the FBI.

Really, what good are these silly laws to begin with? Besides being an additional (and unnecessary) expense for someone looking to make a legal purchase of a gun, these types of statutes are also impractical. Overall, too many unrealistic assumptions have to come into play. First, we have to foolishly theorize an assailant obtained his or her gun legally. Then, we have to hope he or she made the purchase while living in the state of Maryland. In other words, having an arbitrary rule like this in Maryland without having similar provisions in others makes such a law idiotic.

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It seems as if the usual suspects aren’t calling for further restrictions on the lawful ownership of weapons, then they are seeking measures like this that drive up the cost of obtaining arms. Ironically, limiting the availability of weapons either by restriction or cost only ensures law abiding citizens will not have the means to fight back. When that happens, our society takes a huge backwards.

Seriously, I’d like to know why the one law that would effectively reduce gun crimes is often the one most vehemently opposed by the anti-gun crowd. Mandatory prison terms for those that brandish weapons in the commission of a crime would automatically make our streets safer. Most gun owners, including myself, would have no qualms getting behind such idea. Why does the same concept repulse those who supposedly harbor so much outrage over gun crimes?


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