Unconvincing Naivete From Mayor Dixon

In today’s Sun, Baltimore Mayor Shelia Dixon seems miffed as to why a city agency is being investigated by state prosecutors, despite being tied to questionable campaign contributions and possible gains for her sister. Her administration further refuses to turn over records for the Baltimore Development Corp, despite a Maryland Court of Appeals ruling that the agency’s records were public information. Dixon questions the motives of the prosecutors:

Dixon, who said she has done nothing wrong and who argued she did not know
what the Maryland state prosecutor’s office is looking into, said she is
cooperating with investigators but believes the probe could be politically

“What would help me is if you go to the state’s [prosecutors] and say,
‘Hey, you’ve been working on this for this long, you haven’t found anything, why
don’t you end it?'” Dixon told reporters at City Hall. “I don’t know what it is
[or] why they’re doing this witch hunt.”

If history is any indication, we have every reason to be suspicious of the Baltimore government. Dixon is the ordained successor to the corruption of O’Malley, which has been well documented on this blog. The police department is known to fudge statistics, and yesterday the mayor herself admitted that there has been scandal in the fire department.
I, for one, do not believe in Mayor Dixon’s befuddlement. In this matter she is either stupid, ignorant, or a liar. Take your pick.

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