TSA: An Expensive Disaster

As previously mentioned on my blog, I flew into South Florida over the weekend. You’ll be happy to know that the agency that often misses guns and other contraband at our nations airports got a big catch last Friday. They confiscated my potentially dangerous shaving creme. Boy, I didn’t think about at the time of packing, but if I were a terrorist I could’ve done much harm with that new (sealed) can of shaving creme. Good thing we have these brave heroes on the front lines to catch the serious stuff.

Sarcasm aside, I am sick and tired of TSA and their arbitrary enforcement and their ever changing rules. Let me start of by saying that it does little good to argue with these clowns. I simply smile and say “no problem”. I’ve watched others make comments to them and they go ballistic. Good thing they aren’t armed with tasars. I am certain they’d use the weapon once a day. When a passenger questions one of these agents, they immediately puff up and act as if they’re some tough guy or something. Make no mistake, it’s not as if they’re real law enforcement. Therefore, they lack the training (both the physical and communication aspect) to deal with hostile subjects. Thus, they should really exercise some common sense when dealing with airport patrons. I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that BWI TSA agents are the most nasty and confrontational I’ve seen as I travel through various US airports.

Keep in mind, many of these TSA agents are former Wackenhut employees who became federalized after 09/11/01. Despite the higher pay, they also get federal medical and dental benefits. In turn, we get to pay them a pension the rest of their lives once they retire. I am disappointed the republican led congress and the republican president let Tom Daschle win that argument at the time.

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Yes, we need security at the airport. It just needs to be more common sense based. Perhaps if we practiced a little terrorist profiling, instead of treating 80 year old wheel chair dependent Gertrude the same way we do as 23 year old Saudi national Ahmed, then security would ultimately increase without a major cost expenditure to our economy. Bottom line, you don’t need federal employees to have effective security measures at our nations airports. Can anyone honestly say they feel safer at America’s airports simply because our screeners are federal employees?

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