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OK, I’ve pretty much had enough of the liberal blogosphere trying to demonize Republicans and conservative ideas and then, when challenged on those very ideals, we get stupid stuff like this from Eric Luedtke:

I didn’t respond to any of what you wrote……because I have no interest in wasting my time engaging with you.

So, it’s time for a throwdown.

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I challenge any contributor, any blogger, from Free State Politics to a live debate on which party better represents the middle class, the Republican Party or the Democratic Party. And I mean a live debate. With a moderator. A timekeeper. Podiums. An audience. The whole nine yards. We’ll promote the debate in our respective circles, and then let the debate speak for itself as to who is right and who is wrong on the issue.

Name the time. Name the place. Name the opponent. Let’s work something out and get this done. I have the courage of my convictions to step up and do this. Does anybody else?

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