The Preventable Tragedy of Self Beclowning

Campaign managers get paid to say ridiculous things but guys managing longshot campaigns are prone to howlers. In an ideal situation their statements are vaguely plausible and do not result in a tragic self beclowning. But, as my old man used to say, “ya dances with them what brung ya.” Case in point, a Walter Ludwig who is Andrew Duck’s campaign manager.

Andrew J. Duck, the favorite to win the Democratic nomination in Maryland’s 6th Congressional District, can defeat Republican eight-term incumbent Roscoe Bartlett in the general election, according to his campaign manager, Walter Ludwig.

“Roscoe continues to vote wrongly on everything important to the people of the sixth district,” Ludwig said.

Ludwig referred to Bartlett’s repeated votes against the children’s health insurance bill, known as SCHIP.

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“On health care, you’ve got a guy who has voted five times against health care for kids.”

The 6th Congressional District is typically one of Maryland’s most conservative districts, but Ludwig said that the “desire for change reflected in the 2006 elections is not complete.”

“Roscoe Bartlett is one of the most beatable incumbents,” he added.

Duck lost the general election to Bartlett by 20 points in 2006. Ludwig, however, referred to internal polling numbers from October, which he said has brought optimism to the campaign.

Roscoe Bartlett is not my beau ideal as a congressman to represent MD-6. Of the possibilities I would prefer my state senator Alex Mooney. Having said that, the notion that Mr. Bartlett is out of step with his district is just fatuous and stating that he’s “one of the most beatable incumbents” simply marks oneself as either a complete political naif or a shameless snake oil salesman.

Truth be told, even if Duck, whose qualifications for office are fairly vaporous, is favored to win the Dem primary, he’s by no means the best candidate in that field to take on Mr. Bartlett. The strongest candidate for a general election is clearly former Frederick mayor Jennifer Dougherty.

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