School Board tells O’Malley to pack sand

Karma always comes back to get ya:

State Schools Superintendent Nancy S. Grasmick was appointed to a new four-year term today by the State Board of Education, a move that could prompt the General Assembly to consider changing the laws that govern how Maryland’s education czar is chosen.

Board President Dunbar Brooks announced the board’s decision after a closed session that lasted about three hours. He declined to say how the board voted or why it chose to retain Grasmick, and he said board members were aware that the action might lead to legislation.

“We recognize that that’s a possibility,” said Brooks, who added that the board discussed “the pros and cons and risk” of making a decision about Grasmick’s future.

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Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller, who had urged the board to delay a vote until Gov. Martin O’Malley had the opportunity to appoint three new members, called the action “a terrible mistake” and “a direct slap in the face of the governor.”

O’Malley tried to run roughshod over the State School Board much like he has tried to run Maryland, by dictating instead of attempting to achieve consensus and work with people. By trying to bully the School Board, O’Malley forced the School Board to take decisive action to maintain its independence as the system is current set up in statute. For his bullying efforts, O’Malley got it shoved right back in his face. Maybe this will teach him some humility….but I doubt it.

(And that’s not to say O’Malley doesn’t have a point he is trying to make about the selection of the State Superintendent. Because if the Superintendent of Schools is a member of the Governor’s cabinet, why are they not appointed by the Governor?)


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