Republican Paone Tastes Victory In Annapolis

Yesterday, the city of Annapolis held a special election to fill an aldermanic seat in its second ward, a seat vacated by Republican Mike Christman. And, the results are in:

Fred Paone (R): 427
Debbie McKerrow (D): 358
Karen Jennings (G): 122

I could be off by a couple of votes because I am going from memory, but those numbers are pretty close. With only 17 absentee ballots outstanding, the result is all but official. The aggregated votes represent a 28% turnout–nearly 10% higher than the last special elections in the city.

The Paone campaign should be congratulated, and I’m not just saying this because I worked on the campaign! Paone entered the race with only 1 month to go, pitting himself against a McKerrow candidacy that had been ongoing since 2005 (McKerrow lost to Christman in the last election). Despite the fact that a Republican previously held this seat, the Paone overcame a 1700-1100 ratio of registered D’s to R’s. His wife and daughter showed fanatical commitment, and the campaign found enough money and time to send out 5 mailers and run an ad in The Capital.

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The victory brings the grand total of Republicans on the city council to………..2! However, I have been reliably informed that Bill Clinton was our first black President, and I am hopeful that such wizardry will apply in Annapolis and transform the city council into a Republican-friendly entity.


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