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Put down the banality and slowly walk away…

Our very own poisonous dwarf, Barbara Mikulski, blogging in support of a Hillary Clinton presidency (h/t to PolitickerMD):

I’ve recently returned from Iowa as a national chair of the Hillary 2008 campaign and boy can I tell you – the energy is on! Iowans are serious about their caucus, and they know Hillary is serious about them.

We need a Democratic President in 2008. I believe every single Democrat running is able and qualified. I am supporting Senator Clinton as a national chair of her campaign because I think she is seasoned, tested and ready for the new times and the unexpected times. She is a leader who is unflinching, unflagging and unrelenting.

We have a rendezvous with destiny. We are on a historic journey to change the direction of this country. Hillary will make history, and Hillary will change history. This election is not about gender; it’s about an agenda. When we put Hilary in the Oval Office, she will take with her our hopes and dreams. She will help us reclaim America and be a new voice of America to the world. She will get us back on the right track, restoring our national honor and repairing friendships around the world.

Wow. The last time I saw this many bumperstickers in one place I was caught on the Beltway behind an RV with Florida plates.

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