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Pravda on Calvert Street

That the Baltimore Sun is a bull horn for the O’Malley political machine is no secret. However, as the governor continues to increase and consolidate his political power (while he hires inept Glendenning retreads run the state), the Sun editorial board’s effrontery in carrying water for the governor is reaching new heights. Witness today’s Orwellian, “for make benefit of glorious leader”, editorial entitled, A galling grasp for power, attacking O’Malley opponent, Nancy Grasmick. Quite a cheeky title for the editorial, given that it describes exactly what the governor is doing in the state right now.

The Sun criticizes Grasmick and the Board of Education for reappointing Grasmick because, “it could lead to unwise legislation that would make the superintendent’s position more vulnerable to electoral politics than it should be.” Well if that does happen, then it is not Grasmick or the current board’s fault, and Sun should call its master on the carpet and criticize him and Mike Miller and Mike Busch for any such move.

However, any honest observer knows that such criticism would contradict the Sun’s imperative.

Baltimore Sun meet democracy. Democracy works on disagreement not on deceptive notions of “consensus,” which the governor uses as a ruse to gain more and more power.

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We all know the reason the governor “lacks trust” in Grasmick and it has nothing to do with her competence or abilities, and the Baltimore Sun knows it too! Grasmick went against the O’Malley machine when it played politics with Baltimore City’s failing schools. Daring to disagree, was Grasmick’s cardinal sin.

Just ask Allison Asti and Ed Norris.

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