Nothing Continues To Be Done About Public Housing Crime In Annapolis


With a record number of homicides in the city this year, and 2 shootings in the past 2 days, you may be wondering what is happening with hiring new officers. The answer, supplied by an officer on the force, is nothing:

We are bracing for as many as 6 or 7 retirements at the end of the year. One
young officer will have his last day on Dec 9. he has been hired by a small PA
dept. Still no hiring to speak of. In spite of what Will Scott said in the
newspaper we are now 26officers short. Most all officers have been placed back
in patrol. The NET unitis gone, Foot patrol is now gone and Special operations
is left with 3 officers.CID detectives are handling cases at a volume not seen
before. Anne Arundel County has a homicide unit with about 10 officers. they
have had about 13 homicides. APD does not have a homicide unit and just
investigated the 9th homicide.I don’t know what is keeping the officers that are
still here.

Depending on who you ask, the responsibility for hiring police officers lies either with a particular officer in the police department, or with the human resources department. What is clear, is that there is little the city council can do about it.

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Upon returning from a 6 week voyage to Europe to develop Annapolis’ sister city program, the mayor made a series of proclamations that were presumably aimed at reducing crime. The glaring omission in the city’s crime plan is the refusal to commit the resources necessary to hiring a full compliment of officers.

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