MoCo Residents Not Keen on Taxes

Back in July, as part of their shilling for the O’Malley administrations extraordinary tax increases a fringe left group calling themselves, without apparent irony, the Alliance for Tax Fairness conducted a sophomoric push poll which proved to their satisfaction that Marylanders simply swooned with pleasure at the idea of higher taxes.

As the old saying goes, money talks and bull**** walks. We now have an actual laboratory experiment underway to test this rather exotic hypotheses.

Montgomery County is inarguably the wealthiest, most leftwing, and most tax crazed jurisdiction in the state. Montgomery is staring a $400 million “structural deficit” squarely in the eyeballs. When one considers the panic that infested the state government at the thought of $x00 million deficit (use whatever number you wish in place of the x and rest assured that Governor O’Malley used that number at least once), $400 million makes brown trousers the couture du jour in Rockville.

There are only two ways out: increase taxes or cut spending. So what do Montgomery County residents say?

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As Montgomery County’s elected leaders contend with a historic $401 million projected budget shortfall, a survey released yesterday shows that only 7 percent of residents would be willing to pay more in taxes to ensure additional services.

As we noted when the “Alliance” released their poll, the data actually showed that Marylanders are in favor of raising *your* taxes but when it comes to raising *their own*, not so much. Witness the majorities who want to tax the bejeezus out of the wealthy and corporations but who balk at increasing the sales or gas taxes.

Now Montgomery County is facing a perfect storm of a huge budget deficit, a huge increase in taxes by the state, a rapacious county government, a county council that has never met a program it could reject, and an electorate not in the mood to pay more. All they need is a Howard Jarvis.

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