Inside the Fringe Left Mind

I don’t think anybody ever accused Andrew Kujan (left) of ever getting it when it comes to the discussion of issues and the undertaking of political discourse. So needless to say when he “replied” to my challenge to a debate today, even I was somewhat stunned that instead of actually sticking to the issues, he went off in directions that even I could not fathom that Kujan could come up with.

Are we in Jr. High Brian? Are you going to give a me purple-nurple and take my lunch money? Maybe give me a wedgie or throw some spitballs?

Huh? But it gets better….

While debating a conservative parody might be interesting, I think I will take a pass.

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Because God knows we couldn’t possibly talk about issues in a public forum.

I mean, you got what you wanted already, right? You got to humiliate several people you have never met.

No, what I wanted was a freaking debate on issues with you, Smith, Luedtke, or some of the other spewers of vitriolic, hate-filled babble over at FSP; maybe you didn’t get the memo. Bruce Godfrey stepped up, and he has never been afraid to take on the issues. Robb Black asked to participate and I think it’s great to include a third perspective. I was never out to embarrass anybody. The only thing that would seem embarrassing, in my eyes, would be that you and some others got called out on the carpet and backed down when challenged on your ideas; and Kujan did that to himself.

Readers of this blog are familiar with conservative wet dreams of liberal humiliation. I would appreciate if you would LEAVE ME OUT OF YOURS in the future.

Uh….I’m not even sure how to respond to this claptrap, though I think he’s projecting again.

Kujan’s screed about my “bravado” just proves my point about the far left who wish to scream about issues and cry about Conservative bullies. When it’s time to talk issues, they are no where to be seen. It’s why liberal talk radio fails. It’s why the mass media is losing readership to the internet. And it’s why certain members of Free State Politics won’t debate me….


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