Home for the Holidays

It was 5 a.m. when immigration agents knocked on the door of the Díaz family’s neatly kept house in Baltimore County, with the twin plaid couches and the Lord’s Supper woodcut over the kitchen table. Edwin, 13, and Cynthia, 8, woke up just in time to see their mother put into a van and driven away. The moment several months ago changed almost everything about their quiet, close-knit life.

“Since that day, nothing has been the same,” said Miguel Díaz, 42, a construction worker and labor union representative from El Salvador. “I know my wife made a mistake all those years ago, but we have worked hard, lived decently and never caused any trouble. Shouldn’t the punishment fit the crime? Her place is here with us, with her children. What kind of society is this that would suddenly take her away?”

What kind of society, indeed? One that is governed by the rule of law is my guess.

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