Happy Old Year! Hope the New One Doesn’t $uck too bad!

In looking at the year to come, the pessimist may find it hard to think of anything “happy” that may be in store.

To look ahead, let’s first look back (as everybody does this time of year).

When 2007 began…

Bob Ehrlich was still Governor.

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We had almost a billion dollar surplus.

Sales taxes were only 5%, and didn’t apply to computer services.

The incoming Governor had promised he’d take care of the BGE rates.

“W” was still the President.

We made it through another year without terrorism on US soil.

Nancy Grasmick, a lady who really cares about kids, was in charge of Maryland Schools.

These, with a myriad of other positives, promised the new year could be a good one.

With 2008 we see…

A new Governor who will not make real cuts, and has a hard time seeing a tax he doesn’t like.

Billions of dollars in new taxes.

Sales taxes going up, and being applied where they were not before, with new & higher “fees” as well.

Predictions that those taxes will continue to go up, as will the BGE rates.


George Bush is still, still the President, and may continue to wield the veto pen where needed.

We still (Thank the Lord, as-of now!) haven’t been attacked by terrorists here.

People are getting pi$$*d at the antics of MOM, and may be having buyers remorse.

Hillary may be taking that MOM out of our hair for a little while (I hope not for 4 years)

Any of our candidates jockeying for position in Iowa and New Hampshire are better than theirs.
Yes, I even reluctantly include Paul- for comic relief, or for the few things he is right about.

There is a good possibility that the rabid anti-Republican sentiments of 2006 may fade and be replaced with saner voting in 2008.

The Writer’s Strike means a small reprieve from anti-Republican, anti-Bush jokes
(some late-night comedies are ending that break now).

Those taxes may be thrown out, along with the Special Session itself, as unconstitutional.

Nancy Grasmick got re-appointed, along with a stick in the eye of MOM.

We’ve lived to fight another day.

It is hoped we will get back to fighting “them” and not each other.
Are you listening, Congressional District 1 and Rep. Presidential candidates??

So, maybe this new year won’t blow chunks after all, it might even be a good one… dare I say it, a “happy” one? Let’s hope so, a lot is riding on it!

Crossposted on Maryland Chesapeake Blog by Chester Peake.

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