FSP’s Strawman is burning…

But my argument remains.

Over the weekend, I pointed out to FSP contributor Eric Luedtke, that his support for the current energy bill wending its way through Congress, makes him a shill for corporate interests.
That is, his cheerleading for global warming alarmist policies advances the interests of corporate rent seekers like General Electric and British Petroleum, who are heavily invested in alternative energy like wind and solar power. Wind and solar power is very expensive to generate and the supply is small. Consequently, this would drive up energy costs, (along with carbon taxes and cap and trade schemes) and result in great profits for GE and BP.

The delicious irony here is that Eric and his fellow travelers at FSP rail against greedy corporations in the name of working/middle class folks. In fact, the Democrat party itself now bows to the myriad progressive special interest groups that currently constitute its base. My Red Maryland colleague Brian Griffiths made a great argument about this very issue here.

Needless to say my argument stirred the FSP crowd into high dudgeon, which is natural for them because they go apoplectic when anyone dares to disagree with them. After all they on the side of all that is right and good in the world so anyone who disagrees with them operates under a false consciousness

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The FSP reaction was typical of leftist arguments, or rather what they try to pass off as arguments.

Here is Luedtke’s response:

Always glad to hear from a member of the “I’ll make absolutely baseless claims against anything I disagree with” department. I didn’t respond to any of what you wrote……because I have no interest in wasting my time engaging with you.

Glad to know Eric has the courage of his convictions.

Isaac Smith, whose writing style I happen to like, accused me of arguing in bad faith, then promptly accused me of having positions I never had and arguments I never made.

Well at least Eric and Isaac didn’t say I seemed “butch” as their erudite colleague “lefty” did.

Not once did they ever try to MAKE AN ARGUMENT against what I wrote.

This is why I am excited that Brian issued a challenge to FSP to debate the issues.

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