Domestic Partner Coverage Hearing…

OMalleyWatch had tipped off the Blogs last week. The Md.General Assembly website was conveniently down this weekend for maintenance, so here’s the details on the Public Hearing about regulations (by-passing legislation?) that would make a de-facto type of Domestic Partnership in Maryland, as-to Insurance:

DECEMBER 13, 2007

1:00 P.M. Joint Hearing Room
Legislative Services Building
90 State Circle
Annapolis, MD

Subject: Voting Session
Proposed Regulations
DHMH: Alcohol and Drug Abuse Administration:

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(1) Requirements: COMAR – .08
(2) Specific Program Requirements: COMAR – .11
(3) Specific Program Requirements for Correctional Levels of
Care: COMAR – .07
(4) Certification Requirements: COMAR, .03 – .05,
.07, and .08
(5) Education Programs: COMAR, .04, and .05
(6) Substance Abuse Treatment Outcomes Partnerships: COMAR

Public Hearing
Emergency/Proposed Regulations
MIA: Health Insurance – General: Domestic Partner Coverage:
COMAR – .04

One wonders why this is considered such an emergency… the Special Session was deemed an emergency as well!

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