Dan Rodricks and his usual misplaced priorities

Baltimore has a sky-high crime rate. It has a declining population. It has a horrific drug problem. Among national leaders in the transmission of STD’s. A declining infrastructure for transportation. And a criminally negligent and incapable school system.

Of course Dan Rodricks doesn’t care about any of this because it’s more important that we build an arena for an NBA or NHL team.

Now this would have been cute once, to ignore actual priorities for problems the city really needs to address and talk about an arena. But now that he has harped on the arena again and again and again, I wonder why Rodricks thinks it is so important.

Urban liberals like Rodricks usually complain about corporate welfare that benefits multi-million dollar businesses and their owners. Rodricks’ insistence to prioritize the financial support of such corporate welfare over better schools, lower crime, and safer roads is a criminally stupid and misguided way of organizing one’s priorities.

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