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Capital checks the facts

Kudos to Liam Farrell and the Capital staff for digging into the actual facts of the Special Session document forging scandal (which, remember, you read about here first):

Discrepancies in the records of House and Senate proceedings from November’s special session open a window into why the House’s chief clerk has become a key player in a lawsuit to overturn $1.3 billion in tax increases.

An examination by The Capital has uncovered documents containing conflicting information about when the Senate decided to take a six-day versus a four-day break over the Veterans Day weekend. And a lawyer representing the plaintiffs in the lawsuit wants to find out whether any of the documents were forged in order to avoid a constitutional problem….

This story has the potential to get a lot uglier before there is any resolution to it, particularly if the courts continue to think that the Legislative Branch should be immune from testifying on whether or not its officers violated Constitutional requirements.


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