Anne Arundel County Issues

I feel I should start paying more attention to AA County politics (because I bought a house that is ever so slightly outside of the city of Annapolis), so I am developing a list of things to think about, for future mention on this blog. Here is what I have so far.

1. Education Funding. John Leopold and Kevin Maxwell have been famously feuding. As I understand it, the school board wants a 10534% increase in funding, and the Leopold administration wants students to write in the sand using sticks. Just today, Maxwell had a letter to the editor reminding us* that each dollar represents a child.

(*reminding us = building public support for more $$$$)

1A. John Leopold in general.**

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(If this issue was omitted, the entire comments section of this post would be filled by Brian Griffiths.)

2. Fly Ash. I must have seen a thousand articles, mentions, and letters to the editor about this subject, and I didn’t read a single one of them, because it sounds like something that would bore me to tears. Sources tell me it has something to do with burning hydrocarbons.

3. Stormwater Fee. This issue carries two-for-the-price-of-one status; first that Leopold fails to acknowledge that a new fee is the same thing as a new tax, and second that the county council (specifically the Republicans on the council) failed to approve the fee despite overwhelming support.

4. BRAC. I imagine that the county will benefit from this, but the challenge will be providing a smart way to incorporate all of the new citizens.(Attention potential new citizens: if you are looking for a place to live, I will sell you my house for $1,000,000).

5. Development of Rte. 3 corridor. Nobody can figure out who to tax to pay for the infrastructure.

What am I missing?


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