Amsued by their petulance

The petulance of FSP blogger “lefty” is amusing:

All in all, here’s the deal: the debate is a foolish one, and you don’t want a debate, anyway, you want to provoke and annoy people and feel all big and strong.

Not buying. Go away, little boy. Play with your toys somewhere else.

The left thinks that this is engaging the issues.

But no, lefty refuses to engage in a debate over the issues. Neither does Isaac Smith, Andrew Kujan, or Eric Luedtke. The seem to feel comfortable in espousing their ideas and hate-filled rhetoric from behind a keyboard, but don’t have the size to step into a public arena. It probably has something to do with the fact that when they stick to the issues, they lose.

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Therefore, I will be taking on Democrat Bruce Godfrey and Green Robb Black in a debate sometime in the new year on the issue of parties and the working class. They stepped up and accepted a debate on real issues and not just obfuscation and name calling from behind a keyboard and I appreciate their forthrightness.

If Smith, Kujan, Luedtke, et. al find the heart, we’ll make something work. But until then, I think we can say the team at Free State Politics does not have the courage of their convictions to stand up for their issues. And that’s disappointing.


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