A Small Victory Against Cronyism

Chris Perkins has resigned as director of Maryland’s juvenile detention facilities.

This was a self inflicted wound, a hiring that should never have taken place. The apparent personal connection between Mr. Perkins and Juvenile Services Secretary Donald DeVore led to this ill-conceived scheme to simply ignore Mr. Perkins’s problematic record while in a similar capacity in Montana.

Now that Mr. Perkins has departed, hard questions should be asked of Mr. DeVore. Like why he thinks a high risk agency should be headed by someone who seems to have proven that he has a penchant for abusing those in his care?

This, of course, will not happen. If anything, Mr. DeVore’s brain numbing venture into dumbassery makes him more valuable to Governor O’Malley. Now he knows that he owes his professional career to the governor and he will be in no position to resist when markers are called in.

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