You’ve heard this before

We have talked on the Conservative Refuge Podcasts over the course of the past year about rebuilding the Republican brand, and Mark Sanford is one of the folks who realizes that we need to do just that:

One year to Election Day, and the struggling Republican Party is looking for much more than a new leader.

“It takes time to damage a brand,” says South Carolina’s Republican governor, Mark Sanford. “It takes even longer to rebuild it.”

Sanford is a low-taxes, low-spending type who believes the GOP has lost its credibility as the party of fiscal conservatism.

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“The Republican Party, I think, has really been hurt with regard to its brand on the degree to which it will walk the walk on government spending and government taxes,” Sanford told CNN in a recent interview at his State Capital office in Columbia.

Read the whole thing. Clearly, the branding issue is a concern of more than just a few guys from Maryland on a podcast. It is an issue of paramount importance to the future of the party, and the main reason I get indignant and angry when Republicans here in Maryland do things like this and this that do great damage to our brand.


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