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Why has the Republican Party totally abandoned Prince George’s County?

Why has the Republican Party totally abandoned Prince George’s County?

That is the question I would ask if I were attending the Maryland GOP convention this weekend.

In the 2006 election, there were no Republican candidates for most county and state legislative offices.

In the very few cases where a Republican ran for one of those offices, and in the 4th District Congressional race, there was virtually no Republican Party support of the the Republican candidates.

With the 2008 primary election less than three months away, there appear to be three Republicans running in District 4 and two in District 5.

But you wouldn’t know that, or be able to find out who they are, if you relied on the web sites of the Maryland Republican Party or the Prince George’s County Republican Central Committee.

The Maryland Republican Party site currently shows only the last name of one of the three candidates running in District 4 and nothing about either of the two candidates running in District 5.

The Prince George’s County Republican Central Committee site doesn’t list any candidates at all. That site has recently eliminated the names and contact information of district central committee members (maybe there aren’t any committee members), so I can no longer even try to contact the committee member from my district.

For the record, here are the candidates who have filed to run for Congress as Republicans, according to the State Board of Elections:

District 4:

District 5:


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