What Does The Legislature Have To Hide?

Thanks to Brian Griffiths for the letting us know that the House passed its versions of tax bill(s) over the weekend, working well into the night and adjourning at at an un-Godly hour.

I ask this: why then? Why so late?

We already know the answer:

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So why the special session? The Democrats have a monopoly on power, and they
believe in big government, endless programs, and ever-growing taxation. They
just can’t wait to shove it down our throats, and they don’t want to wait until
the regular session because there is too high of a chance that the public would
actually get what it wants–reasonable tax policy.

If the legislators listened to what their constituents had to say, or even allowed for fair opportunity to hear citizen testimony, they wouldn’t be able to pass such grossly irresponsible and unnecessary measures.

But then again, who are we to expect that our legislators would listen to what we have to say?


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