Wayne Gilchrest Does It Again

Until this year, I have never seen so many correspondence letters from Wayne Gilchrest. Sure, I expected to see some this year as soon as Gilchest came under attack from Andy Harris. What I didn’t expect was the sheer volume that would come out at taxpayer expense. The first one, I blasted on principle. The second one, I felt couldn’t be excused in wake of his contested campaign. Now with number three, I think an ethics investigation should follow. Granted, don’t hold your breath waiting for Nancy Pelosi to initiate such an investigation against one of her closest allies in the House.

It would be one thing if Gilchrest sent these mailers regularly regardless of this circumstance. He does not. Prior to this year, I may have seen an average of one a year. Often, I didn’t receive it myself, but I noticed it at the home of an elderly relative. Talking to others in the 1st district, they are getting the Gilchrest mailers for the first time this year. Thus, it’s clear that not only is Gilchrest abusing this congressional perk for personal gain, but he’s also expanding the list of usual recipients. I am certain a public information request would expose Gilchrest’s shenanigans.

If Gilchrest wants to advertise his campaign, he needs to use his campaign account. The latest mailer, highlighting Gilchrest’s stand on illegal immigration, appears very much like campaign propaganda. In fact, at first glance, I thought there’s no way this could be a taxpayer funded publication. Yet, low and behold, the signature line of “This mailing was prepared, published and mailed at taxpayer expense” tells the tale.

Shame on you, Wayne Gilchrest. Any stand you take on issues will not outweigh your lack of ethics and good judgment.

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