Very Cosmopolitan

As some of you know I’m running for a seat on the Baltimore City Council. My district is full of affluent cosmopolitan progressives, whose arrogance is only eclipsed by their ignorance. You know the self described “reality-based” community. Yesterday I received, in the mail, the following hand written response to a campaign flier I distributed throughout the district. The response was written on the back of the flier with no return address on the envelope. Here is the unedited response in its entirety:

VOUCHERS? You Republicans just don’t get it. You would destroy public schools so that your so called faith based schools could thrive & create a 2 level system of very well educated & very poorly education. That’s what’s wrong with America today. Very rich and very poor–no middle class thus making us a broken nation. Taxes? We get what we pay for. Our teachers are underpaid. Amtrack goes begging an out highways are deteriorated. And our health care compared to other nations is a joke. You need to visit other nations-not Mexico- to learn about health care in Europe or ride a train in Japan.
“My theory is that your brain is the size of marble and twice as smooth.” -Dilbert

Witness cosmopolitanism at its worst. Everything in anyplace other than America is good and we are a broken nation because of troglodyte Republicans. Cosmopolitans of America unite, you have nothing to lose except your nation and your liberties.

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