Two days, two sensible observations from Senator Brochin

On my way to a doctor’s appointment I heard State Senator Jim Brochin take about the Sellinger Formula. If you are not familiar with the formula, the Sellinger Formula is the state aid that is given to private colleges and universities throughout Maryland. Yes, you heard that right, state aid to private colleges and universities. This link from the Maryland Independent College and University Association will help you familiarize yourself with the pro-Sellinger position.

Senator Brochin noted on C4’s show that the $62 million in state aid being distributed through the Sellinger Formula is something that we cannot afford as a state at this point, particularly when the Democratic leadership is talking about massive tax increases.

Kudos to Senator Borchin for this sensible and sensical observation. Schools that choose to be private colleges and universities should not receive state aid whatsoever. And as the graduate of such a private college (you know, the one that made the stupid decision to change its name) I heartily support the idea of eliminating Sellinger funding, particularly in light of observations made in my undergraduate experience of the usage of that funding for anything but need-based scholarships and assistance.


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