Thomas Bromwell To Be Sentenced

There are some things I just don’t understand. Asking for leniency for a shameless thief is one of them.

We commented over the summer about the case of former state senator Thomas Bromwell. Bromwell was allowed to plead guilty to multiple felony counts (oddly enough without being required to cooperate in the federal investigation into corruption) in conjunction in accepting cash in return for helping a contractor land state contracts.

Now Mr. Bromwell is up for sentencing, he’s facing up to eight years at Club Fed, and worthies are crawling out of the woodwork to convince the judge to go easy on him.

There are few crimes more harmful to a representative form of government than trading influence for money. That is an assault at the very foundations of our system of government and those who are convicted of betraying that trust should be severely punished. No one is saying Mr. Bromwell’s friends should abandon him and his family during this time, but personal charity and forgiveness is different from the purpose of the criminal justice system. Imploring a judge to go easy on a man who violated the public trust and enriched himself and his family and taxpayer expense is not a demonstration of those virtues, rather it is an indictment of the environment in which Mr. Bromwell circulated.

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