The Picture Says It All

On the front page of yesterday’s Baltimore Examiner, the headline reads “Biggest Tax Hike In Maryland History Passes”. For fiscal conservatives such as myself, it was truly one of the sadder moments in Maryland’s political history. Yet, for some reason, Governor Martin O’Malley seemed overcome with joy. Literally. Included in yesterday’s article was a picture (shown appropriately to the left) of O’Malley at the signing ceremony for the new taxes. Does this look like a man pained that it came down to this tough political decision? No, he looks like a kid on Christmas morning. Heck, I am surprised he didn’t light up a cigar in celebration.

Frankly, I am surprised O’Malley restrained himself through the first regular session without demanding these new taxes. January couldn’t come soon enough for the governor this time around. He wanted Senators and Delegates in early to give him an early Christmas present. O’Malley couldn’t have done this alone. This happened because of the rubber stamp of 24 Senators and 80 Delegates. And contrary to the lies and deceit spread by the likes of Tom Marr, Senators DeGrange and Astle didn’t vote for these increases. That said, we cannot forget those who did endorse the largest tax increases in Maryland’s history.

O’Malley can smile all he wants. I wish I could say the laugh is on the fools that voted for him. Unfortunately, we’re all gonna pay for this. Big time.


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