The MD GOP’s proposed 2008 budget

I’ve got a copy of it and posted it here.

Some thoughts:

  • Why does this party project to spend $50,000 on the Red, White, and Blue dinner when projecting to raise only $100,000? Particularly in light of the financial boondoggle that this year’s dinner was?
  • Total projected revenue of just north of $300,000 for a major party trying to compete in a state like Maryland is, to put it lightly, meek.
  • Raising only just north of $300,000 for a major party that is spending $124,400 on two full-time equivalent employees is insane. Particularly when you consider that the party used to employee six people and those positions are no longer filled.
  • $1,600 on party development. $1,600. Contemplate that.
  • $65,202 on rent. Over twenty-percent of the money is spent on rent for the headquarters!

This budget is completely and utterly fiscally irresponsible given projected revenues and the sheer insanity of some of these expenses. Think about this: $189,602 is spent just on salaries and rent; that is 63.7 percent of the entire budget! And when you consider that only $18,100 is being spent on “political expenses” is it any wonder that the Maryland Republican Party is in the financial dire straits that we currently find ourselves in?


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